The Atlas Circus Company originated from a workshop program created by founders Noah Dach and Henry Evans at Muhlenberg College while they were undergraduate students.  In addition to completing their degrees, they created a performance group called “The Muhlenberg Circus Workshop.”

The focus of the program was to expand the existing collegiate dance and theatre programs to include circus arts in their curriculum and performances. In Spring 2014, Noah and Henry put on the first full-length circus show in a converted studio space and sold out a 200-seat audience. The show told a compelling story and engaged the audience in a human experience of narrative and vision. The next year, they engaged with the community by performing at elementary schools, and holding off campus performances so the city of Allentown could have the opportunity to experience circus arts.

In Spring 2015, they designed, produced, and directed a production entitled “Atlas”; a name that later became the company’s namesake. Each of the three performances of “Atlas” sold out a 350-seats audience and became one of the most widely talked about shows of the Muhlenberg main stage season. The success of “Atlas” in 2015 led to the continuation of the program through the following academic year. The 2016 year culminated with their second full scale production, VOD, the story of an American soldier in the late 1940s dealing with the post war world and rediscovering hope inside a classic vaudevillian circus. These productions serve as a foundation for what the Atlas Circus Company aspires to continue creating in these and future productions.