Project Description

“The Optimist” tells the story of a man, sitting in a bar waiting for his long lost love to return. He holds tight to his drink and reminisces about the night they first met at this bar.  Peer through the lens of one man’s memories as he grapples for a greater understanding of his past, and the twisted road that brings him to the present.  Leap into the narrative of “The Optimist” explored through high-flying acrobatic feats, dart throwing, dancing, physical comedy, and magic.

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The circus is coming! Atlas Circus Company (Noah Dach, Co-Founder/Artistic Director; Henry Evans. Co-Founder/Artistic Director) launches its New York debut and residency with the world premiere of a new work, The Optimist…
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Hollywood SOAPBOX

Be prepared to be amazed, but also be prepared to follow a story.
“It’s a very untraditional circus. It is a perfect combination of dance, theater and circus art, and it also creates a narrative performance. So they get to actually follow a story that makes sense.”
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Created and Written by: Noah Dach, Henry Evans, Tommy McCarthy

Choreography: Noah Dach and Amanda Moretz

Scenic Design: Andrew Carey

Lighting Design: Claire Waggoner

Costume Design: Rebecca Bitondo